• Correct identification of candidates;

  • Setting of preliminary interviews;

  • Drafting shorts lists;

  • Candidate offer;

  • Assurance;

  • A team with vast experience in various fields, such as: IT, Retail, Banking, Construction Fields, Services.



  • Successful encounter of personnel fluctuation / seasonality situations;

  • Fast access to preselected workforce;

  • Time / cost reduction in the recruitment process;

  • Easy payment system;

  • 360 degree recruitment / replacement process.



  • The General Register of Employee's Evidence – GREE / REVISAL;

  • Drawing up individual employers contracts;

  • Drawing up resignation decisions / suspension of activity;

  • Regular auditing of personnel files.


In terms of recruitment procedure, Teamland consultants identify your needs and then they draw up a list of suitable candidates. The list is made up by considering all the details needed for the job you are looking for, so that your company receives the most appropriate candidates. The experience reached by our consultants over the years is reflected in our increased competence in identifying candidates truly compatible with your company's post and culture.

Choose Teamland as your recruitment partner and you will get:

  • Drafting of the full profile of the candidate;

  • Identifying of potential candidates;

  • Collecting and checking of the candidates' documents needed for the job;

  • Preliminary selection of candidates;

  • Testing the candidates' personal and professional skills;

  • Avoiding the risk of hiring inappropriate personnel.

Stages of the recruitment and selection process:

1. Identifying the need for recruitment and determining the profile of the person you are looking for. This is an important stage in which the correct understanding of the recruitment needs, as well as understanding the profile of the person sought, guarantees the success of subsequent stages. We identify together all the relevant aspects describing the candidate's

2. Searching, contacting and selecting candidates. According to the recruitment plan, we use verified search methods and we select those people who match with the profile of the candidate agreed. Identification of the level of expertise of the selected candidates is carried out using personalized professional tests according to the specificity of each post.

3. Final interviews. Before the final interviews, the project consultant prepares the client and the candidates to ensure that both parties have the information necessary to make a valid and long-term decision. After the interviews, the client selects the candidate he considers most appropriate for his post and organization.